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  • Get leaner and stronger

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  • Reduce injury, illness and disease

  • Improve performance at chosen sport(s)

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Forging Elite Fitness!

Testimonial Picture of Adrienne Calleja (1)
Testimonial Picture of Adrienne Calleja (2)
“Instead of posting what I have lost (inches, dress sizes, pounds).... I want to focus on what I have gained....Confidence, Strength, Challenge, Determination, Patience, Diligence, and Community.”

New Year’s Eve (13-14) I made a commitment to myself to join a gym (and go), better my nutrition, and stop hiding in my apartment. A google search of gyms in Bellmore lead me to a few hits and on Jan 1, 2014 I ventured to check them out. My last stop was CrossFit Invasion. As I looked into the gym I said “oh I am not going in there, these people are crazy!” I walked around trying to sneakily peer through the windows and eventually talked myself into walking in. Staring in fear at the ropes, rigs, weights, etc. I had no idea what CrossFit was but I was suddenly intrigued….I signed up for an assessment (which I swear I thought might kill me) and then signed up for a 4 week trial. I showed up for my first basic training class, scared out of my mind, surrounded by strangers, praying I wouldn’t chicken out. Completely out of my comfort zone, alone, wearing sneakers, and wearing gym clothes…WHAT?! I watched others do sit ups, pull ups, and push ups without really struggling, the coaches modified everything for me…I wanted to cry but I reminded myself that Rome wasn’t built in day and I had to push through. I tried to keep quiet about my years as a dancer, feeling that that body, flexibility, and strength were long gone. With the amazing guidance of the coaches I started getting stronger. I was in shock – omg I can do THIS and MORE! My body remembered strength, flexibilty, and graceful execution! Instead of posting what I have lost (inches, dress sizes, pounds)…. I want to focus on what I have gained….Confidence, Strength, Challenge, Determination, Patience, Diligence, and Community. I have benefitted so much from the commitment the coaches give, I have learned so much and look forward to learning so much more. This  would not be complete without acknowledging and thanking the amazing community – you guys are awesome! It is inspiring to be a part of such an encouraging, fun, and hard working group of people and I look forward to all of us reaching new goals ! Thank you for making me a part of such an incredible community!

Adrienne Calleja
Testimonial Picture of Steve Mendolia (1)
Testimonial Picture of Steve Mendolia (2)
““I removed the processed carbs, white sugar, and all that crap and it became pretty easy.”

Steve has been with CrossFit Invasion since the beginning!

“I used to eat cereal for breakfast, maybe a salad at lunch and used to carb load with Italian bread at dinner. You combine that with a irregular workout schedule and there you go”. Steve was explaining how he got his results, “I removed the processed carbohydrates, white sugar, and all that crap and it became pretty easy. I ate pizza for the first time in ages and did NOT feel so great”. 

Steve may say it was easy for him, but his dedication and persistence is outstanding and his wife let us in on a little secret, he does 6-minute Abs every night before bed.

Steve Mendolia
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