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Forging Elite Fitness!


“CrossFit on a whole has become the latest fitness trend in the last five years. I started training CrossFit two years ago and have trained intermittently at several boxes on Long Island and in this time I’ve found that CrossFit Invasion has the most knowledgeable and professional coaches. The coaches’ styles coupled with constantly varying training programs makes fitness at Invasion not only fun but understandable. CrossFit seems to be a trend but at Invasion, fitness and wellness is a lifestyle to the coaches and members. Every question and concern about a workout, nutrition, and physiology that I’ve had at Invasion has not only been answered but explained to make my knowledge of my body easy to understand. CrossFit has become a part of my life that I look forward to day to day and my desire to be better than the day before thrives at Invasion.”


“I joined a regular gym, and I met a trainer. That’s how my CrossFit story started. My trainer, more obsessed with nutrition and fitness than I was, and obviously more qualified and decorated with certifications, ‘kicked my butt’ like I had requested. But one year into my training, he left the gym and opened a CrossFit box. I had no idea what that meant, but of course I followed.  I was nervous every morning heading to the box for a WOD. It was the nerves that kept me coming back. But it was the proud moments of completing a kipping pullup, a handstand pushup and the snatch that confirmed my decision to become a CrossFitter. One of my CrossFit coaches once said that he ‘builds machines for a living,’ and I certainly started to feel like one.  

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Once a CrossFitter, I shattered my expectations of myself and my perception of the female body. I became committed to my peak performance; not just for me, but for my two amazing children to see the limitless capabilities of a strong woman. Surrounded by other strong women, strong mothers, strong CrossFitters daily, our box is a place to celebrate the incredible abilities of the human body.  Besides the weights and the kettle bells and the dreaded ‘Fran’, it’s my CrossFit Invasion coach, once my trainer, who truly made me realize that ‘muscles are the new skinny’.  It’s my CrossFit Invasion coach that knows when I need to stop, to amp it up or can get in my face and push me beyond my expectations.  Yes, you will beat your own best time. Yes, you will exceed your own 1 rep max. Most importantly, you will be introduced to your best self. Welcome to CrossFit Invasion. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my physical aspirations, especially since this mom has two little, and awesome, children to impress at home.”  Sincerely,  Jamessina