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  “Summer” Team Invaders Our Summer CrossFit Kids…
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Stand Up Paddle Boarding and Barbecue

Saturday July, 23rd from 1-6PM Huntington Stand-up…

Coaches's Notes: Board Press

EliteFTS.com: Board 101
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"Get busy living or get busy dying." ~Andy Dufresne   W.O.D.…
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Forging Elite Fitness!

“The coaches are grounded in a wealth of knowledge of exercise physiology, kinesiology and fitness and are completely committed to one thing, your personal fitness goals. ”

As in life, in fitness, your destination is determined by the path you follow. The path is what sets Crossfit Invasion apart. At Crossfit Invasion, sequential training in all areas of fitness, including strength, endurance, power, agility and flexibility occur in an atmosphere of friendliness, challenge and respect for both body movement and the bodies performing the movements. The necessity of proper coaching as a key ingredient in success is of paramount importance at Invasion, and, in a word, the coaching staff is stellar. They are grounded in a wealth of knowledge of exercise physiology, kinesiology and fitness and are completely committed to one thing, your personal fitness goals.   They are also collectively certified in all areas of CrossFit techniques. The path they set forth epitomizes professionalism as they have as their sole mission, making fitness a reality for their members. As such, Crossfit Invasion offers a smorgasbord of specialty classes and the nutritional support to maximize your results and experience. Accordingly, utilizing the most current research and training methods, workouts are intuitively programmed and designed to be achievably challenging at any participatory capacity or level of fitness. The innovation and impeccable attention to detail at Invasion makes it possible for every member to improve or to overcome any physical challenge they may have.   Furthermore, the congenial atmosphere at Invasion creates a genuine sense of camaraderie so that each member is valued as part of the Invasion fitness family. The path at Crossfit Invasion is truly one of a kind and a predictor of your personal fitness destination success.

Although fitness has always been a priority in my life, I can honestly say that I have accomplished more at Invasion than I did in my decades of a fit lifestyle of running, spinning and participating in “boot camp” types of workouts.   Given my orthopedic limitations and the lack of strength that I had developed over the course of my forty-five years, because of the team at Invasion, I am in perhaps the best shape of my life being able to perform skills such as pull-ups, handstand push-ups, ring dips and rope climbs with ease, skills that were not even part of my thought process two years ago, let alone my skill set.  This is the norm at Invasion. On a daily basis, like me, members are achieving personal records and are accomplishing things they never dreamed possible, including members who own their own gyms or are fitness professionals themselves.

Invasion has become a source of family fitness for me as well. Navigating the fitness path as a family at Invasion is a reality for many. There are countless families at Invasion that get fit together through friendly competition and mutual support. There is a program for everyone.

Fitness as a lifestyle is the backbone of Crossfit Invasion. If you are already committed to fitness, are looking to embark upon a fitness plan or are searching for something that is more efficient within your time constraints, Crossfit Invasion is the path that can make the difference for you. Inside of an hour session, you will be provided with the coaching, challenge, excitement, variety and companionship that will make a difference in your life, both mentally and physically. Anything worth doing is worth doing well; Crossfit Invasion subscribes to this philosophy. The path you choose will definitely determine your destination. Crossfit Invasion is a very wise path and the only path for me/my family.    

Kerry Dunne
Testimonial Picture of Paul Laurino (1)
Testimonial Picture of Paul Laurino (2)
“Each time I push myself to get better and better”

Paul is a NYC police officer and has been with us for over a year now.  The change in lifestyle was simply eating better and training 5-6 hours a week.   “I became more conscious about what I was eating and became more knowledgeable about food. I train 5 times a week and each time I push myself to get better and better”.

Paul Laurino
Police Officer