CrossFit Invasion – CrossFit Classes


Active 2 w-up (No Measure)

3pt. calf stretch

Crossover Hamstring 10x

Bootstraps 10x

Active Inner Thigh x10

Shoulder Mobility

50 Band Pull Aparts

5-minute AMRAP of:

Row 150m

5 Burpees

10 Light KB Swings (Russian)

2min. of Double under practice

10 strict pull ups (no kipping!!!)


Metcon (Time)

For time:

100-80-60-40-20 Double under

35-25-15-25-35 Russian Kbs(70/53)

** every round do 14 kb lunges


Basic Cool Down (No Measure)

Hold Straddle Stretch 1-min

10x Sit-up to Straddle

Hold Pike Stretch 1-min

10x Sit-up to Pike

Hold Pigeon Pose 1-min each leg

90/90 Shoulder Stretch 1-min each arm

Rebuilding the Feet (No Measure)

Foam Roll Calves 1-min each

Lacrosse Ball Bottom of Foot 1-min each

Banded Ankle Distraction 1-min each

Wall Calf Stretch 2-min each