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The Importance Of The Hollow Body

Do you want to walk on your hands?

Do you want to do a handstand pushup?

Do you want to do a kipping pullup? What about a butterfly pullup?

Do you have good midline control when you press weight overhead?

There are so many components of CrossFit, as well as daily life, that can be improved by mastering the basic hollow body position. Not only will you see improvements in gymnastics movements, but you will increase your overall body control! And to think, it all comes down to this one basic movement!


Hollow body form:

  • Lie on your back with your feet directly up in the air
  • Reach your hands for your toes to get your shoulders off the ground
  • Squeeze EVERY muscle in your body super tight: feet together, quads tight, glutes tight, core tight, point your toes
  • Begin to lower your legs to the ground until you feel your lower back start to come up off the ground—Lower back must remain glued to the ground
  • Lower your arms and squeeze them behind your ears—keeping shoulders OFF the ground
  • Your goal is to be able to lower your feet to 6” off the ground without letting your lower back lift off the floor!

By CHELSEA ROSS, CrossFit Central


Hollow Body Progression Pt.1


Hollow Body Progression Pt.2