CrossFit Invasion is bringing you The Eatrite Nutrition Fall Challenge!

There is some time left to get in on the nutrition overhaul, and hit some big goals over the next 6 weeks. Here is some key information on how the course & challenge runs.

TIME: The course begins on September 27th, held every Sunday for 6 weeks from 4pm to 5pm

WHERE: Right here at CrossFit Invasion, Sign up with your coach.
*Space is limited so sign up today, first come first serve.



You have the POWER
You might think that gut you carry that is just like dad’s, or your extra curvy hips just like aunt Kathy or the scary diabeties that many people in your family have gotten just runs in your genes and you are destined to live with them no matter what. You have the power to turn on or keep certain genes off, this is called your genetic expression.

Exercise is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and is a huge motivator for many to start on their wellness journey, but abs are made in the kitchen. To maximize your results, the gap between the results you get working out and your genetic ceiling is (NUTRITION).



Many of you have heard of the Paleo diet, or have even participated in some challenges before, but Eatrite is different. There are many diets out there, some focused on fads, some on quality of food, and others on quantity.

CrossFit has adapted the Paleo diet for approved food types and the Zone for portion and balance of macros. Eatrite combines a modified Paleo program which has updated the diet to our era to include up to date nutrition studies with zone diet (40% carbs, 30% protein, 30% healthy fats) components to balance meals for proven results.




The program is broken down into 12 steps over 6 weeks. By adapting 3 new habits per week, many will create behavioral changes that will continue on for a life time versus quick changes that don’t stick:

Week 1:

  • Information class & MyFitnessPal set up for food tracking
  • Weigh-in & body Fat
  • Goal Setting based on the SMART criteria

Week 2:

  • Step 1) Log your journal
  • Step 2) Eliminate added sugars and processed foods
  • Step 3) Consume protein with every meal

Week 3:

  • Grocery shopping trip & label reading breakdown
  • Step 4) Hydration
  • Step 5) Add back in healthy fats
  • Step 6) Consume fruits/ vegetables with every meal

Week 4:

  • Step 7) Meal frequencies
  • Step 8) Eliminate grains
  • Step 9) Balance macros breakfast

Week 5:

  • Step 10) Try new foods/ recipes
  • Step 11) Eliminate dairy
  • Step 12) Balance ALL meals

Week 6:

  • Paleo Pot Luck Party – Recipe sharing
  • Final weigh-in & body fat
  • Winner announced!

Any questions? Email us at: