CrossFit Invasion | Kerry Dunne

Kerry Dunne,

CrossFit Invasion Manager/Owner


PhD. Educational Leadership, CCU

M.S. Educational Administration, St. John’s University

M.S. Sports Medicine/Exercise Physiology, Adelphi University

B.S. P.E, Biology, Adelphi University Summa Cum Laude, Dean’s List
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Kerry Dunne began her career in fitness as an athlete, but found coaching to be much more rewarding than playing herself.  Seeing others achieve heights that they did not believe that they could not ever conceive of achieving on their own, is her greatest reward.

Kerry’s love of coaching commenced at the age of thirteen when she coached younger children; she has been coaching ever since in both the athletic and academic settings.  Throughout her career, her teams, athletes and students have realized a great many successes including New York State and National Championships, All American status, Blue Ribbons, National and New York State records and countless assorted accolades, She is extremely proud to say that more than five dozen of her athletes went on to play Division I athletics and that five of her former athletes are currently coaching in the NCAA.

Kerry has a varied educational background based in science, education and leadership.  For Invasion’s purposes, her Masters Degree in Exercise Physiology and Sports Medicine, with a certificate in Cardiac Rehabilitation along her Masters degrees in Leadership and Administration are most pertinent.  She is also currently working on her dissertation in Leadership.  Accordingly, Kerry spent ten years spent as an Athletics Director, supervising the largest program in Nassau County of over two hundred teams, nearly three hundred coaches and thousands of athletes.  Her responsibilities  therein also included training coaches, administering a budget and handling public relations.  She also served on the Athletic Council for Nassau County.

While Kerry Dunne is a professional in a field unrelated to fitness, her commitment to fitness and to the service of others is what gives her the ability to meet stringent demands in all areas of her life.  The CrossFit Invasion Team is like family to her.  It provides an avenue for her to partake in her own “therapy” (that is stress relief!) while affording her the opportunity to work alongside and learn from one of the best in the business, Adam White.  At the same time, Invasion renders her the privilege to serve both a membership that is second to none and a coaching staff that is nothing short of stellar.  With integrity of purpose and action as her guiding forces, Kerry Dunne puts her best foot forward for CrossFit Invasion with each step she takes in order to do justice to the entire Invasion family.

Although Kerry would prefer to avoid the spotlight, she has been named Coach of the Year nine times and been selected as a spokesperson for Mentoring Minds.  She (and those she is responsible both to and for through extension) has also been honored by the Nassau County Public High School Athletic Association, Adelphi University and numerous governmental agencies/educational institutions, most recently, Senator Kemp Hannon and Regent Roger Tilles.

In her spare time, Kerry teaches in the training program for coaches in Nassau County and administers workshops in myriad subjects such as connecting neuroscience to the classroom, brain-based learning, the psychology of mindset and the relationship of nutrition to academic performance.

Kerry considers CrossFit Invasion an essential part of her life and enjoys seeing common goals render uncommon results for each and every member.

Her favorite WODs are the longest ones and conversely, her least favorites are those that stipulate mandatory rest periods.

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