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If the squat is the most important movement that you will ever learn, than the deadlift is the most important lift.  It is the technique that you must use whenever you lift an object off the ground and return it to the Earth’s surface!  Why is it so important?  Have you ever picked something up from floor?  Then you have performed a deadlift.  The question is did you do it correctly.  The human spine is an incredibly strong biomechanical structure capable of supporting unbelievable loads in excess of a 1000 pounds when proper spinal alignment is maintained.
However, once proper lumbar curve is lost, the spine loses all of it’s structural integrity.  Since 85% of Americans suffer from debilitating back pain at least once in their lifetime, it is important that everyone learn to deadlift correctly, even your grandmother.
The deadlift is a total body exercise.  Even your arms, which don’t move, are under incredible isometric load.  All of the muscles of the core are engaged to support the spine, spinal erectors, abdominals, internal and external obliques and the internal core stabilizers.  The movement itself is primarily hip extension produced by the posterior chain: spinal erectors, glutes and hamstrings.  The muscles of the posterior chain, when used properly, can generate more force than any other joint in the body.  Like the say, it’s all in the hips.  There is a reason that our eyes are drawn to the butt of a prospective mate.  It is the largest and most powerful muscle in the human body and tells us a lot about our fitness, regarding both muscular development and body composition.  According to Coach Glassman, hip extension produced by the posterior chain is the most important movement for all sports.  Let’s take a look:

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Crossfit Deadlift Intro.