Jump Rope Clinic



When: Saturday, October 10th, 2015
Where: Crossfit Invasion
Time: 10am
Struggling with double-unders?
Scaling WODS you know you could Rx because of double-unders?
Want triple-unders?
We are hosting a jump rope seminar on Saturday October 10th at 10am. The seminar will be taught by a specialist from Rx Smart Gear. The seminar will focus on improving your endurance, technique, speed, and coordination so you can achieve better jump roping skills and attain your goals.
You must register for the seminar no later than Oct. 5th.
You can register by clicking on the link below:
By registering you also qualify to purchase your own jump rope at a discounted price from Rx Smart Gear.
*The first 5 registrants will receive 20% off the cost of the seminar…ask us for details*

More Information: 

The Rx Method focuses on the following key points: 

 Jump Rope Sizing Philosophy – Learn the different sport specific disciplines that utilize their own methods and standard for sizing a jump rope to an athlete’s body based on the goal of the activity in which they participate. 

 Jump Rope Bounding Technique – Learn the proper technique of efficiently jumping to minimize fatigue and increase work capacity while jumping rope. 

 Jump Rope Bio-Mechanics – Learn the most efficient posture and mechanics of jumping rope. Creating ideal tolerance levels between the moving jump rope and athlete’s body, increasing efficiency. Learn about individual imbalances and deficiencies and how to self-manage them. 

 Jump Rope Psychology– Take a brief trip into the athlete’s mind to help understand some common negative thought processes and learn to replace those with positive cues. 

 Jump Rope Theory– Jumping Rope as it applies to functional fitness requires its own sport specific applications. As it is typically a component within a larger series of exercise movements. You will learn detailed practices and strategies even as simple as how to pick your jump rope up and put it down efficiently to shave seconds or even minutes off of your work out times. 

 Pricing– Clinic w/o Jump Rope: $50      Clinic w/ Jump Rope- $80