MINDBODY Connect App


We’re thrilled to announce a new mobile app, MINDBODY Connect. It’s built for the clients you already have, and more importantly, for the clients who haven’t discovered you yet.

What MINDBODY Connect means for you
You’ll meet new clients, and bring your current clients in more often. Here’s how:

  • Instant booking – Current clients can mark you as a Favorite, finding and booking your classes with just a few taps. New prospects can discover you and become clients in seconds, filling your classes and building your marketing database.
  • Automatic check-in – When clients arrive for class, MINDBODY Connect will prompt them to check in from their phones. Their names and photos will pop up in your MINDBODY Site so you can greet them as they walk in. It’s that easy.
  • Quick reviews – After class is over, MINDBODY Connect will ask your clients to rate their experience from 1 to 5 hearts. We’ll give these reviews to you for free. Soon you’ll be able to display them on your website if you wish, building your reputation in the community.