Introducing Rx Mobility with Dr. Ankur Bhambri



Rx Mobility (RxM) is a CrossFit Invasion specialty class designed to take a step away from the clock in order to analyze movement in detail and prescribe mobility. It was established for members seeking to make improvements in their form and flexibility, which can translate into better performance and efficiency during WODs.

Designed for Everyone

For our CrossFit beginners, RxM can provide a greater fundamental understanding of how structure relates to function. Members will learn how to increase their range of motion to achieve the proper movement standards in a safe and effective manner.

Intermediate athletes can take a step back and analyze their movement patterns that they have already adopted. RxM will give them the opportunity to examine any inefficiencies in their movement and learn how to make corrections with specific demonstrations and flexibility drills. Members will learn mobility techniques to utilize on their own, allowing them to strive towards movements they once thought were impossible.

Our competitive athletes will be able to fine-tune their performance in greater detail with a variety of mobility drills targeting their weaker areas of movement. Adjustments to these specific parts will assist the athletes in becoming overall more efficient, allowing them to increase loads and shave off valuable time during WODs.

Achieve your Goals

The goal of RxM is to provide members with an active learning group session where they can learn how to analyze proper form in advanced detail, focus on mobility drills to correct inefficiencies, and re-test movements to portray how the structure of the mobility drill relates to the function of the movement.

More importantly, our objective is to provide our members with a prescription (Rx) of mobility drills to help them achieve their performance goals (Rx) on WODs.

Classes will take place on Saturdays at 10AM.

“ If we study what is merely average,

we will remain merely average.  – Shawn Achor