Until you can measure something and express it in numbers, you have only the beginning of understanding.”
~Lord Kelvin


Why knowing portion size is important!

This is the most important step.  If you’ve never weighed and measured your food you have no idea how much food you are taking in (and no idea how many grams of carbs, fat, and protein). Think of it as if you were to take a medication prescribed to you by your doctor. If the pharmaceutical company that produced that drug didn’t monitor how much of that drug was put into each capsule, you would get a different dose every time; you may get the correct dose one day and then overdose the next time you took that same medication. Too much or too little of a certain chemical in the body can really have some nasty side effects. The same applies to food we consume. Food is a very powerful drug.  Too many carbs will cause fatigue, mental
Food is the Most Powerful Drug
fog, decrease your level of performance, increase the risk of diabetes, heart disease and ultimately death. With that being said, we need to start measuring our food. Many people seem to think they know how much they are consuming, but if you’ve never measured and weighed your quantities, you more than likely have a distorted perception. Measuring and weighing will help you further down the road as it will allow you to modify the dose of your medication (food) to your body’s personal liking. You don’t have to measure your food forever; this step will allow you get a general idea of what serving sizes look like. When you master this task, it will become much easier to look at a plate and determine approximately how much is on it.

Crossfit Nutrition Part 2


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