The Nutrition Challenge is days away. Sign up today!

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10 Day Countdown!

Space it limited so make sure to secure your place today for the Eatrite Nutrition Challenge and Course starting on Sunday 9/27 at 4pm to 5pm

The challenge is only days away and spaces are filling up quickly. We have capped the number of members that can register for the nutrition course to ensure the best experience for each of you. We want to ensure our members get priority so register today because tomorrow we will open up registration to the public, your friends and family may join at this time as well. So don’t say I didn’t warn you when it’s all booked, so make sure that doesn’t happen and get on registering today!

Registration is first come first serve, so register for the course today with your coach. Regular price is $149 for the 6 week challenge, but for CrossFit members that have done the course before and need a refresher, it is $99. This includes:

* 6 week class style course (handout materials are emailed so if you aren’t able to make a week you don’t miss out on the information).
* Personally graded food logs for the entire course duration with personal weekly tips for improving and encouragement
* Access to email the Nutritionist/Instructor Doron at with any questions that you have during the course
* Personalized food quantity requirements for maximum results