WOD: 1.20.18

CrossFit Invasion – CrossFit Classes


Basic Warm-up I (No Measure)

3-Point Calf Stretch

CrossOver Hamstring x10

Altlas Stretch x2 (hold 30 sec)

Shoulder Mobility Circuit

50 Band Pull Aparts

Run 400m or Row 500m

Sit-ups x30

Squats x20 (with hip circle)

Push-ups x15

Pull-ups x10


Burpees Plus (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Burpee + (185/125-lb.) Back-Squat Ladder

Rest 3 minutes

Burpee + (115/75-lb.) Shoulder-Press Ladder

Rest 3 minutes

Burpee + (245/165-lb.) Deadlift Ladder

For the ladder pattern, perform 1 rep of each exercise the first minute, 2 reps of each the second minute, 3 reps of each the third minute, continuing as long as you are able. Use as many sets each minute as needed.


Easy Cool Down (No Measure)

Cobra Stretch 1-min

Pike Stretch 1-min

Sit-up to Pike x10

Pigeon Pose 2min

Opposite Arm/Leg Extensions x12 (2/3/4)

Charlie’s Baseball Warm-up (No Measure)

90/90 Hip Lift 1×5 Breaths

All Fours Belly Lift 1×5

Dead Bugs x10

Split Stance Kneeling Adductor Stretch x8 side

Kneeling Glute Mobilization x8/side

Forearm Wall Slides w/Shrug and Lift-Off x8

Alternating Cossack w/Overhead Reach x10

Walking Spiderman w/Hip Lift and Overhead Reach x10