WOD: 11.23.14

“You’re body is just something that carries your brain around.”



WOD:  Thruster Paliza


This is an EMOM partner Thruster ladder. With a running clock set at one minute intervals, partners will take turns completing the amount of reps corresponding to the interval at hand.(1 rep for round one, 2 reps for round two, etc, etc…)


* Each partner must complete their reps without putting the barbell down before passing it on to their fellow athlete.

*If one partner cannot complete their corresponding amount of reps as prescribed, that partner is eliminated, leaving their fellow athlete to continue on their own. This leaves each partner with only 30 seconds to complete their reps as prescribed. At the 30 second mark, the barbell must be passed to their partner.

*As partners get eliminated, the remaining athletes flying solo will turn and face each other, continuing the elimination process until only one athlete remains.


Coaching the Thruster with Cameron Soden