WOD: 12.10.15

“You know what cheers me up? Other people’s misfortune.”

Photo 11-6-15, 11 13 55 PM (1)


CORE: Dynamax Standing Wheel Drill

WOD: Row’d Royalty 2015 Workout 3

For time:

  • Row 500m


  • Row 2000m


A 2 Minute interval countdown will start after the 500 meters and you must finish the 30 burpees over the rower before you start the 2000 meters.

Example 1 – If the burpees take you 2:30 it means your 2000 meters will have started with 30 seconds on the clock.

Example 2 – If the burpees take you 1:30 it means you have 30 seconds of rest before the 2000 meters.

Burpee over the Rower: A burpee over the rower starts when your chest and thighs touch the ground. One rep is complete when you jump or step over the rower and both feet touch the ground. Both feet have to touch the ground before you get horizontal (For example you cannot dive over the rower and have your hands or chest touch the ground before your feet do.)

Rowd Royalty Workout 3