WOD: 12.2.17

CrossFit Invasion – CrossFit Classes


Chipper II (Time)

For time:

• 50 Double Unders

• 50 Deadlifts (115/75#)

• 40 Walking Lunge Steps

• 40 Back Squats (115/75#)

• 30 Toes to Bar

• 30 Power Cleans (115/75#)

• 20 Thrusters (115/75#)

• 20 Burpees over the Bar

Basic Warm-up I (No Measure)

3-Point Calf Stretch

CrossOver Hamstring x10

Altlas Stretch x2 (hold 30 sec)

Shoulder Mobility Circuit

50 Band Pull Aparts

Run 400m or Row 500m

Sit-ups x30

Squats x20 (with hip circle)

Push-ups x15

Pull-ups x10



Basic Cool Down (No Measure)

Hold Straddle Stretch 1-min

10x Sit-up to Straddle

Hold Pike Stretch 1-min

10x Sit-up to Pike

Hold Pigeon Pose 1-min each leg

90/90 Shoulder Stretch 1-min each arm