WOD: 2.14.15

“Romance is dead – it was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece.”

 ~Lisa Simpson 


WOD: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre: “A Match Made in Heaven: Super-Karen & Double Grace”

*12 minute cap
As a team (one partner working at a time) complete for time

  • 200 Wall Balls


  • 60 Clean & Jerks

Rx’d: (20/14, 135/95)
Masters: (20/14, 115/75)
Mod: (14/10, 95/65)

In this workout, the team will complete 200 wallballs, then 60 clean & jerks, one partner working at a time. For the wallballs, when one partner finishes his/her set, he/she must take the wallball and stand behind them before the other partner can begin.
Once all 200 wallballs are complete, the pair can start in on the clean & jerks.
Again, when one partner finishes work, that barbell must be on the ground before the other partner can pick up the bar.
If all reps are not completed within the time cap, remaining reps will be added in seconds. For example, if a team completes 20 of the clean & jerks before time is called, their score will be 12:40 (because they had 40 unfinished reps).



Workout Description: Super-Karen meets Double Grace