WOD: 2.15.15

Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date.

Take a deep breath and try again.


WOD: “It Takes Two to Tango”

15 min AMRAP:

  • 12 KB Snatches (6 each arm, you can break them up however you want…)(RX 53/35, Masters/MOD 44/26)

  • 9 box jumps (24”/20” all divisions–Mod and Masters have option to do step ups)

  • 6 toes to bar (MOD: abmat sit-ups)

For this workout, partners will alternate rounds–one partner working at a time through all the movements. Once a partner finishes his or her Toes to Bar or sit ups, they will run back to the KB and tag the other partner who will then begin work on their round.
Athletes are responsible for changing the box to the appropriate height; the resting athlete can change the box height if desired.
Score is total reps completed by both athletes.


WOD Description: “It Takes Two to Tango”