WOD: 3.31.13

“A little Madness in the Spring Is wholesome even for the King.”
~Emily Dickinson


Attention All Members,

The CrossFit Easter Bunny has reported to us that it is time to have some holiday fun….

This will be a Team WOD:

24 Easter Eggs consisting of different types of movements and exercises have been hidden around the gym…

The first challenge will require each team to find 6 eggs (one of each color)…the first place team will be exempt from burpees, 2nd place team 10 burpees, 3rd place team 15 burpees, 4th place team 20 burpees…

The second challenge will require your team to complete a 20 minute AMRAP performing the exercises that were placed inside your egg…. The team that totals the most rounds will be declared the 2013 Easter Champions….

We hope to see everyone there!!!!!!