WOD: 3.8.19

To love your neighbor as yourself, after all, is the great injunction of every religion. 

~Marc Ian Barasch


FIT: Crossfit Games Open 19.3 Masters Scaled (55+)

200-ft. dumbbell front-rack lunge 20lb/10lb
50 dumbbell box step-ups 20in/16in
50 dumbbell strict press 20lb/10lb
200-ft. bear crawl

INT: Crossfit Games Open 19.3 Scaled (Ages 16-54)

200-ft. dumbbell front-rack lunge 50lb/35lb
50 dumbbell box step-ups
50  5-in. elevated strict HSPU
200-ft. bear crawl

PERF: Crossfit Games Open 19.3 (Ages 16-54)

200-ft. dumbbell overhead lunge 50lb/35lb
50 dumbbell box step-ups 24in/20in
50 strict handstand push-ups
200-ft. handstand walk

Time cap: 10 minutes