WOD: 5.19.13

I’m shorter than you.  I don’t have rowing in my family, in my blood.
I have less of an advantage, less of an opportunity.
I’m going to have to work twice as hard as you to get the same results.
But I’m going to work twice as hard.  
I’m going to work three times as hard and get better results than you.
Every hour that you run, I’ll be doing three.
Every 6k, 2, 10k, I’ll be doing more.
Challenge me.
May the best athlete win.




Damper Setting and Drag Factor


Partners WOD: 20-minute AMRAP

Partner 1 Rows for 2-minutes

Partner 2 Performs Cindy

Row each interval at a target stroke rate of 28.  Row the first interval at a damper setting of 10, the second interval at 8, the third interval at 6, the fourth interval at 4 and the fifth interval at 2.  After the workout, use the memory setting on the performance monitor to see which damper setting gave you the best average speed.

*Your score is the total reps of Cindy combined