WOD: 5.28.13

Chaos isn’t a pit – Chaos is a ladder.
Many who try to climb it, fail.
And they never get to try again.
The fall, it breaks them.
Some, when given the chance to climb, 
they cling to it.
They cling to The Realm,
or to The Gods,
or to Love,
but only the Ladder, is real
The Climb, is all there is.
~Game of Thrones

“Six Minute Abs”

Perform each exercise for one minute:
1. V-Ups
2. Tuck-ups
3. Reverse Crunches
4. Leg Raises
5. In and Outs
6. Crunches

For total reps

Watch a video for this workout“Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5”

5 Rounds.
Score 5-rep max.
No time component.
For max weight
Always Do Full Squats. Partial Squats are never good. They Neglect the hips and hamstrings. When an athlete stops above parallel his knee joints are forced to halt the downward momentum. But once the athlete goes below parallel that stress is transferred to the more powerful groups in the hips, hamstrings, and adductors. Full squats keep all these muscle groups proportionately strong.
~Bill Starr, Strength Coach, John Hopkins University