WOD: 6.28.14

“If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?”

~Boonaa Mohammed

Photo 3-10-14, 12 47 10 PM


Fitness Team WOD:


300 Pull-ups
400 Push-ups
500 Sit-ups
600 Squats
For Time:
Work in teams of 4 to compete the work.
Only two people may be exercising at a time.
Complete all reps of the first exercise before moving on to the next (i.e.: all 300 Pull-ups completed, then all 400 Push-ups, etc.)



CrossFit – “Trevor” Team WOD Demo



“2013 CrossFit Games Regional Team Workout 6”

For Time:
100 Double-unders, 50 each
50 Handstand push-ups while partner holds handstand
50 Toes-to-bar while partner hangs from the bar
50 Shoulder to overhead (160/100 lbs) while partner holds front rack
Then, both partners lunge 90’ with the bar in a front rack position
For Time: