WOD: 8.22.13

I can do this.  I am doing this now.
Worry is irrelevant.  It will not make me take an action, nor will it prevent me from making one.
No negative self talk.  Focus on the positive.
Ease up a little and allow myself to be human.
The worst is very unlikely to occur.  If it does I will handle  it.
People and situations do not upset me; I do.
I don’t have to do this perfectly.
I will recognize and let go of the things I cannot change.
I’m learning not to take myself too seriously.


“Gymkata Tababta III”

2-min. L-Sit Hold (score cumulative seconds held)

Tabata Ring Rows (feet on box)

Tabata Push-Press (75/55-pounds)

Tabata Tuck-ups

Tabata Pistols


The Again Faster Mic’d Instructor – Pistols