WOD: 9.3.14

     It’s always much harder to build something up than it is to destroy it. To build up your physical state, it takes long term commitment to train and diet, but it could all be loss very quickly with poor choices. To build up your mental state, it takes constant positive thinking and reinforcement to keep yourself on task towards your goals, but it can instantly revert if you allow yourself to believe in your own excuses.

     When you’re own the path upwards towards a higher state of being, the natural order of things will always have negative forces that will try to bring you down. It’s up to you what you will allow affect you. You can be a positive influence so as to keep yourself moving forward and be a life giver to those around you. Because unbalanced and negative people tend to want others to be as unbalanced and as negative as them. Keep positive influences around you to support your building of a better life.

Photo 8-30-14, 12 09 59 AM




Fitness: Bench Press with suspended kettlebells 3×15


Performance:Bench Press against doubled red band @50% of 1RM for 8×3




3 rounds of:
6 Deadlifts
6 High-Pulls
6 Front Squats
6 Push Jerks
6 Back Squats
For Time:
Recommended Weight: (135/95-pounds)


High Pull