How is YinYoga related to our bodies?


Yang tissues should be exercised in a Yang way and Yin tissues in a Yin way. Proper health is the balance between these two extremes. With the understanding that all living tissues adapt to the appropriate stress placed upon them, YIN YOGA targets the less focused on areas of our bodies – connective tissues – tendons, ligaments & fascia.

Yang tissue responds to repetitive, rhythmic situations while Yin tissue responds to static, appropriate stress held for time. Unlike the repetitive and rhythmic motion of a CrossFit WOD, Yin postures are held for 3-5 minutes. The idea is to relax the muscles (yang) in order to go deep and target connective tissue (yin).

A Yin practice increases joint mobility, activates and balances chi (energy) in our system and reduces stress by creating stillness & balance in the body & mind.

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The concept of Yin & Yang is based on the Taoist belief that all things exist as a contrast of opposites. These opposites are not independent of each other, but rather help to define the other. With the understanding that nothing exists in and of itself, we can open our minds to the interrelatedness of all things.